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Want a website but do not know where to start? Got a website but you want to engage more interactively with your users via their mobile phones? We can help you take care of everything:

■Finding/registering your domain name
■Draft design of website
■Work closely with you to get the website you wish
■Stable server service with up-time 99.5%
■Content Management Systems - We specialise in Joomla (What is Joomla?)
■Server back-up/disaster planning - Full backup system in place to prevent disasters

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LeftSpace was initially launched to manage a small number of websites already established by smaller organisations. This facility soon proved to be in high demand by organisations who had a message to tell, campaign to publicise etc but no knowledge of website creation or hosting.

Our services soon proved to be in high demand from national organisations and multiple local groups and small businesses.

We are a one stop shop for all your communication needs. If you have a message to tell / service to offer but no idea how to achieve it then come to LeftSpace.

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LeftSpace wants to help progressive groups, trade union branches and others build and maintain a web presence.

A major obstacle for many organisations who would benefit from a website is the lack of technical skills to easily achieve this.

This is where LeftSpace comes in.

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Quick easy set up - very helpful - Thanks a lot

We could not find an easy way to run a shop - LeftSpace made it simple.

Using the forums which LeftSpace set up enable us to build activity amongst our membership.

It does everything we wanted plus some we never thought of.