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Graham Stevenson

Any fears I had over transitioning from the website provider I used to have were more than eased by the apparent and ready skill of Leftspace.

Even, as the work of laying out the site in a new way began, I had the worry that my site is a very complex mix of things, with a massive amount of data that needs to be displayed in a way that people could see the overall "wood" without losing sight of the individual "trees".

Also, given the boom in nostalgia, many of my readers are elderly and not always quick with things. I wrote most of the material myself and I'm not sure I even understood what I wanted but Leftspace not only quickly grasped my needs but went over and above the calls of duty in ensuring the site.

OXNUT Testimonial

They understood our requirements and asked questions sparking ideas we had not thought of. Very happy with work.

Wolves TUC

We have been with Leftpsace several years now and we are very happy indeed with tthe service they provide. Our website has had increasing readers over the years and the recent change to mobile devices people use meant we needed to adapt as well. Leftspace enabled us to ensure that our website is viewed equaly well whether using a mobile phone  or desktop.

Nick Kelleher
Wolves TUC